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Interior shots often suffer from a few problems:


- different exposures for the interior of the room versus the scenery outside, which is usually a lot brighter. You can have one or the other correctly exposed, but not both.

- converging verticals, for example where walls slope in or out instead of being parallel with the side of the image

- incorrect colour balance – where whites have a yellow or blue tinge.

- field of view does not show the whole room


The first image below was taken with a good-quality compact camera. The scene outside is over-exposed, walls slope outwards and the image has yellow colour cast.


The second image is the same room taken with an ultra-wide angle lens with a 96 degree field of view. By using specialised software, an image exposed for the scene outside is combined with an image exposed for the interior, such that everything is correctly lit and natural in appearance.


The wide field of view shows most of the room, the walls, curtains, window frames etc are vertical and undistorted and colours are natural.

We use a 50MB camera, the highest resolution 35mm DSLR on the market today, coupled with the finest lenses. Therefore our images are of a very high standard, satisfying the most exacting requirements of professional printers and image processors.