General, Industrial, Aerial and Macro Photography

Many of Canon’s finest professional lenses from ultra-wide to super-telephoto, plus macro and portrait lenses:


14mm f2.8L II. With a 96 degree field of view, offering ultra-wide landscape and versatile interior shots


17-40mm L: An extremely capable mid-range wide angle zoom. Used primarily on the octocopter


24mm L tilt and shift II. As an architectural lens, allowing interior and exterior shots without converging verticals. As a landscape lens, it can provide deep shots in perfect focus from the foreground to infinity


28-300 L USM IS: Canon’s “all round” professional lens. With a wide zoom range, image stabilisation and fast autofocus, it is the lens of choice if circumstances do not permit carrying a lot of kit.


MPE 65mm macro and bespoke macro photography rig


85mm f1.2 L II. Canon’s finest portrait lens. The razor-thin depth of field allows unmatched subject separation with unrivalled sharpness


180mm f3.5 macro L with twinflash. Described as the holy grail of macro lenses, this is Canon’s optically sharpest lens. Its long focal length allows the user to photograph insects and other such wildlife without disturbing them. See under "Macro"


200mm f2 L IS USM. Canon’s best short telephoto sports and action lens. With class-leading auto-focus speed and image sharpness.


500mm f4 L IS USM. The professional wildlife and sports photographer's lens of choice. Many of the world’s finest wildlife photographs have been taken with this lens. It also comes into its own for offshore flare photography, taking stable, sharp high-resolution images from a helicopter.


Canon professional DSLR cameras offering up to 50MB resolution.

5D, 7D, 5D Mk3, 5DS


A DJI S-1000 octocopter (“drone”) as used by the BBC.  See under “Shetland Sky Surveys”


A selection of studio lights and backdrops for portraits and family groups


Plus – Imagination!


Toys Macro rig